GMAP Consulting

GMAP Consulting is the retail network analysis and planning division of the Callcredit Information Group. Established in 1987, it originated from world-class research at The University of Leeds. 

GMAP has worked in almost every country in the world, and GMAP Consulting is widely recognised as a market leader and innovator in the field of local market analysis, location planning and strategic retail network development.  

GMAP specialises in all areas of market analysis, retail network planning and strategic business modelling and work with some of the world's largest organisations in the development of their retail and channel networks. It uses a series of bespoke statistical, spatial and gravity models, proprietary market intelligence software and wide ranging datasets.

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GMAP defines catchment areas and centre spend to 16,000 centres across the UK in its RetailVision model.  RetailVision classifies all 16,000 centres into 27 different types, and for each centre it identifies a centre’s catchment area, its catchment and shopping populations, its turnover for each product group and its market share within its catchment area.

Town centre boundaries are defined on the basis of retail (A use) activity with individual stores being grouped into clusters of retailing which are mapped to ensure they are contiguous. Detailed manual checking is carried out to ensure that any outliers are part of the town centre and are not separate district centres, with the pattern of the road network and a town’s topography being taken into account.

The town centre boundary is established on the basis of postcodes with each retailer being assigned a postcode. Individual postcodes are grouped together into polygons and a 200m “buffer zone” is established around the boundary to allow for its expansion as a consequence of new development. Retail/leisure parks, comprising large freestanding units, are identified as separate retail locations.